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About LanierMAPPED.com


Our mission at LanierMAPPED.com is to promote the sport of fishing by helping you catch more fish, plain and simple. Recreational fishermen spend millions of dollars each year on lures, rods & reels, line, and other equipment. They take up the sport with fervor and soak up as much wisdom as possible through magazines, television, and fishing reports. They join associations, hire guides, and attend seminars. They may even join clubs and become competitive fishermen hoping to learn from veterans. All of which are excellent activities for learning the sport.     

Some become successful. Many more however, abandon the sport because they discover that finding and catching fish is quite difficult. They see other people catching fish (or claiming too), but for them, something is still missing. Some piece of information or wisdom that never seems to be available in the fishing reports on the internet. “What’s the final secret?” they wonder.


The most crucial element to successful fishing has never been available before, until now! At LanierMAPPED.com, we offer you something that is usually only acquired after years of on-the-water experience. Something that has always been considered taboo to reveal, here, you will learn, the location!


It is no secret that fish love cover. Bass and Crappie, especially, are structure oriented game-fish. Trees, humps, rock-piles, and brush are all magnets for game-fish and their prey. The secret is in the precise location of the cover. Not an easy thing to determine as the cover is hidden below the surface of the water.


These short video clips were collected at the height of Georgia’s historic drought in 2007 and 2008. Each of these clips features one or more extraordinary pieces of fishing structure that was only visible for a short window of time. Today that fish habitat is submerged again. At the end of each clip you’ll see the GPS waypoint. If you don’t yet have GPS, most clips also feature shore-line landmarks, including navigation markers and hazard markers to help you find the structure.   


Our hope is that you will dramatically improve your catch rate using these video clips. In fact, we think you’ll at least double your results over previous outings. And once you catch a few fish, you’re hooked for life. The knowledge you gain here will help you better understand fish habitat and how to find it on any reservoir across the country.  


As you view these clips you may discover that a great deal of areas you have fished in the past had very little chance of yielding a catch. Many miles of barren shoreline often border either side of a nice piece of structure that only occupies a few feet of space. As in many other sports, fishing is often a game of inches. 


We hope you enjoy fishing a lot more as a result of your learning here. Remember, let’s be good conservationists. Practice catch and release. And please don’t tamper with or remove established fish habitat. Tight lines!



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