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How to Use this Site and Other Useful Information

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You are not required to have an internet connection while on the lake! That is far too unreliable with today's technology. Instead, you will have these video clips locally and play them on your own computer anywhere you like. You may also transfer them to a mobile device for local viewing on the lake! This is the most reliable method of using this valuable information.  


Purchasing and Downloading

Purchasing these clips will be easy and intuitive for most users who are experienced with shopping on the internet. 

  1. Browse through the clips and view the thumbnail previews, (most clips have multiple thumbnails). 
  2. Select the clips you like by clicking on the corresponding Buy button. 
  3. Next, a window opens with a button to place the selected clip into your Shopping Cart.  Click Place in Cart.
  4. Result: The window will automatically close and you are back on the page where you started where you may continue shopping.
  5. When you are finished shopping, click Checkout.  
  6. Click Confirm when you are finished with checking your order.
  7. Next, you will receive an email from us with a link to a secure download location.  Instant download is the primary business model for transactions from this site. 


What should be noted is that these are large files so a high-speed internet connection (and a little patience) is necessary to download your purchase immediately.  Our large packages are shipped to you on data DVDs or an external harddrive. 


Assistance with Downloading

If you need assistance, call our live 24/7 helpline at 770-634-0100.


Shipping Option

If you prefer, we will ship your clips on data DVD disk(s).  You will have an opportunity to enter “Special Instructions” as you move through the checkout process. 


License to Play

Once you have downloaded the clips to your computer, you have license to play them on your computer.  You may also duplicate them once onto a mobile device and view as Podcast.  These clips are protected by copyright and may not be shared.  Your purchase allows for your personal use only. 


Recommended Devices for Viewing

The iPod Touch®, iPad®, and iPhone® are the devices we recommend for on-the-lake viewing.  We tested several players and the iPod screen quality for outdoor viewing is unmatched in our opinion.  The video’s are in Quicktime format, so no file conversion is necessary. 


The Quicktime player is free from http://www.apple.com/quicktime/download/.



Unless otherwise stated during the clip, the waypoint shown is the camera position at the END of each clip.  When on the water it may be necessary to make adjustments using your sonar to find the structure or position yourself using landmarks along the shoreline.



We were not professional videographers when these drought videos were filmed.  Many of our clips include imperfections such as: boat rocking, loud winds, camera shaking, geese honking, dogs barking, bad lighting, or bad angles.  There are no second takes.  We hope you’ll appreciate the “authenticity”.  We selected only about half of our total clips for publication and priced them based solely upon content.  Thank you in advance for your understanding.


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