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You know you can sell to your prospects if you can only get in front of them for two minutes! The hard part is getting the appointment! A professional video profile gives you the technology to multiply yourself thousands of times over! Web surfers now EXPECT to find video on your site. It is a routine part of the online experience.

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Here another sample of our work - The Video Resume!

Thinking of jazzing up your resume? Make your next first impression count with a Video Resume. Putting your resume on video will instantly set you apart from the crowd in dramatic fashion. Imagine your email message containing the familiar video thumbnail with a play button that screams CLICK ME! While the rest of their (the hiring company) candidates are sending pdf files, your message rises to the top quickly. We have the equipment, software, and expertise to advance you into this amazing technology. Just think of how much more you can communicate using video than with a traditional text resume. We will carefully select the best visual angles, lighting, and dialog for the most effective final cut. You'll look great, and you will demonstrate surprising initiative to the hiring manager.



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